Mother/Daughter class


Monica and her 12 year old daughter, Mckenzie joined me in my studio today to do the Berthe Morisot study. They both did such a good job. Mckenzie is extremely talented and excited about painting; this was her first oil painting. I love Monica’s pitcher and table; she has a good eye for values and color.

I have these two and the two from my other class lined up on a shelf in my studio drying….I will hate when the owners come to claim them 🙁

Mckinzie - Berthe Morisot StudyMckenzie

Monica - Berthe Morisot StudyMonica


First Class in my studio

My first demo class was on Women Impressionist and we used Berthe Morisot’s Daisies as our influence. This was Teresa’s first oil painting and I think she impressed herself; she certainly impressed me. Wendy has painted before, she took one of my mother’s classes with me last year; she did great then and she did great again.

It amazes me that we all looked at the same reference material and we each came up with such unique paintings. Teresa’s painting (1st image) has such delicate flowers while Wendy’s flowers (2nd image) are bold and striking.

I’m doing this demo class again on Sunday, so expect another post with two more interpretations of this painting.

Teresa - Morisot Study
Wendy - Morisot Study